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Print Control Software for Libraries and Education

Print Control Software for Libraries and Education

Print Control 8.0  

Windows 32-bit / 64-bit  


  • Hold all print jobs until they are released manually.
  • Reduces paper wastage by 30% - 50%.
  • Support Windows / Linux / Unix / Mac.
  • Support mobile device (e.g. wireless laptop, Android, iPhone, iPod or iPad)
  • Release the jobs from any location.
  • Pay for printing and pay for copying.
  • Support all brands of printers.
  • Support Windows Active Directory Authentication.
  • Support  prepaid account, coin, bill and card payments.
  • Support kiosk with touch screen.
  • Allow to preview the content of holding job before releasing it.
  • Automatically cancels unclaimed waiting jobs.
  • Password and privacy protection.
  • 100 reports designed for your cost analysis and billing.


At Printer Usage, we love our librarians. We love our educators. And we want to do anything we can to make their lives easier. That’s the attitude and commitment that gave birth to the Print Control 8.0.

How many students does your college have? How many people use your library’s printer on a daily basis? And how much time do you spend authorizing and sorting through jobs to make sure everyone’s paying their dues and you’re not throwing good paper away on bad jobs? For more libraries, the answer is too much.

Print Control 8.0 is print control software, best-suited ultimate print management solution for libraries / schools / colleges / universities / cyber cafe of low budget, where print jobs hold and release is centralized and unwanted job is restricted. Printing expenditure is brought down by charging for their patrons / students; best management of resources, reducing accidental paper wastage and abusive printing and copying. The software has proved fruitful for many libraries and educational facilities to automate and simplify the control of printing and save unwanted costs.

Why Our Clients Love Print Control 8.0

James E. Wickson Memorial Library"Thanks for the free trial of Release Station.  We are very happy with it. I don't know if I could have justified spend the money if I couldn't see it in action.  I know that already we have saved on many, many copies that patrons were just walking off with as well as copies they looked at, didn't like, and then threw away. I really appreciate that companies like yours develop affordable solutions for small libraries. I started out looking at some very expensive release systems and was thrilled to find yours. "

- Mary Chasseur, James E. Wickson Memorial Library, USA

American University of Rome"The Release Station has made a big impact at The American University of Rome. Before installing Release Station our printing system was very unreliable resulting in excessive paper waste. Now we run three user-mode "Release-Stations" in two computer labs. Our paper waste has decreased by 40% when compared to figures of three years ago, notwithstanding a 20% increase in our student body. The American University of Rome now has 550 students from all over the world, and we will continue to use Release Station to manage our printing services."

- Salvatore Salpietro, American University of Rome, Italy

  • Easy to install and use    Release Station software can be quickly and easily installed on a computer that has printers shared and you are able to control all jobs from that single computer.

  • Automated hold, manual release    Print jobs are kept on hold until released manually by student, patron staff or employee. The simple user interface provided by the software supports staff operation (admin mode) and unattended services operation (user mode).

    Both admin mode and user mode have common fields displaying user name, computer name, job description, pages, cost, submitted, color and paper size. User Mode with login provides more secure releasing jobs.

    1. Staff Mode --> By Users / By Workstations

    Staff Mode - By Users / By Workstations

    2. User Mode --> By Users / By Workstations

    User Mode By Users

    User Mode By Workstations

    3. User Mode with login

    enter login name

    release the job

  • Advanced charging    Print job charges vary a lot depending on resources consumed. The jobs are charged based on number of pages, paper size, page color (monochrome or color), single or duplex.

  • Multiple payment options    The software provides best, cost effective payment solution. It supports the prepaid account payment and the self-service payment collection (coins, cards, bill). The staff can also collect the payment manually and release the jobs for patrons / students without using self-payment equipments.

    pay for print

  • Simple Rules    This feature allows to set values to stop job if single job exceeds admin defined maximum number of pages. This software also allows to define / set values for maximum number of pages per day and set free pages for per day / per term / per person. The software also supports prepaid accounts and keeps track of account quotas (number of pages assigned to users). When quotas are exceeded, jobs can't be released.

  • Password and privacy protection   When a job is submitted, a dialog window can popup to allow the user to change the job name on the user's workstation for privacy protection, and / or create a password that the user will use to release that job on the Release Station. It also allows the users to create a user id for their jobs that they can use to show only their jobs on the Release Station. This feature is useful for the environment that all users use the same login name.

    password and privacy protection

  • Popup notification    The pop-up notification can be send to students or patrons for confirming their job details on their Windows, Mac OSX / Classic, or Linux workstations.  The students or patrons may cancel the job on the popup notification window.

    print notification

  • Print anywhere    The software allows students or patrons to release their jobs from any master release station or slave release station in different locations.

    print anywhere

  • Preview document    The software allows user to preview document before releasing job. In case users are not satisfied with page layout, page size, content fit, they can cancel the job.

  • Automatically cancels unclaimed holding jobs    The software can cancel all unclaimed holding jobs automatically at a defined time (for example library closing time).

  • Secure printing    The software allows employee to enter the Windows Active Directory user name and password to release their jobs just by the printer.

  • Detail reports    The software allows you to generate 100 reports including 64 default reports and 36 customized reports in any language which can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel and rich text formats.

    usage report


Discover the time and money our print control solution can save your institution today when you test drive the free 30 day trial


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