Online Demo - Add a Slave Print Release Station


Step 1. On Master Print Release Station, go to Preferences -> Print Jobs, select "Enable add-on slave print release station", click Save, and then click Exit.


Master Print Release Station can be run as Windows service on your Windows print server regardless of whether someone is logged on.

Step 1. Exit Master Print Release Station if it is running.

Step 2. Rename file C:\Program Files\Printer Usage\Print Control\config\noservice (or C:\Users\<your_account>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Printer Usage\Print Control\config\noservice) to a different name.

Step 3. Start Print Control and select the menu item "Tools-->Install Print Control (Master) Service".

Step 4. Restart the computer. When the Master Print Release Station service is running, the process "PrintSaver.exe" is running in Task Manager.

If the Master Print Release Station is running at the backend on the print server and it is not used by staff or users to release the print jobs, then only the license for Slave Print Release Station needs to be ordered. The license for Master Print Release Station is free.

If the Master Print Release Station is used by staff or users to release the print jobs, don't install Print Control (Master) Service.

Step 2. On a computer that will be a Slave Print Release Station

2.1 Double click Print Control_Slave.msi to install Slave Print Release Station.

2.2  Choose Start -> Printers and Faxes (or Devices and Printers).

2.3  Click "Add a printer" button to start the Add Printer Wizard, and then click Next.

2.4  Click the "A network printer" option and follow the instructions on screen.

2.5 The printer icon will be added to the Printers and Faxes folder (or Devices and Printers folder).  The network printer name is like "Printer-Name on Print-Server-Name".

2.6   Select menu Print Jobs --> Preferences, enter the IP address or computer name of print server where Master Print Release Station is installed, then click "Connect" and "Get Settings" button.

Step 3. Send a print job from a workstation to the network printer (For exmaple \\PRS\HP LaserJet 4). The print job is held on both Master Print Release Station and Slave Print Release Station. You can click Print button to release it from either Master Print Release Station or Slave Print Release Station.