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The addon Print Log allows you to generate and view 100 reports including 64 default reports and 36 customized reports, and export these reports to Adobe-PDF, MS-Word, MS-Excel and Rich Text formats. These reports are designed for your print cost analysis. The reports can be created in any language.

Step 1. Double click "PrintJobReport.exe" to install Print Log.

Step 2. Click Print Manager menu Print Jobs -> View Report or double click the shortcut "Print Log 4.0" on the desktop to run Print Log, then connect to the default database C:\Program Files\Printer Usage\Print Manager\PrintSaver.mdb.

Note: Print Job Report can be created automatically and emailed to you. In Preferences -> Print Jobs, select "Auto create and email report / create web reports", click Report button, add reports you want to create automatically and setup your email.


Click   print manager video  to view the online demo


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