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Easy to Use Print Manager Solutions for Business and Education  


Printer Usage offers print management solutions for small, medium and large businesses, government, libraries, non-profit organizations, schools and other institutions.  With the help of Printer Usage, managers and business owners can take control of printing and copying to save money and more effectively utilize resources.

·        Print Manager Professional 11.  This software is designed to help businesses and educational institutions of any size centralize print management.  It allows you to control, track, and audit print usage as well as set quotas to reduce printing costs. You can also use it to scan your network and collect printer inventory information including counter, Ink / toner usage, IP address, model, serial number, MAC address.

·        Print Control 8.0.  For libraries, schools and other institutions with low budgets, the release station allows control over costs by charging fees for each copy.  This is an ideal way to have patrons or students pay for their own printing and easily manage the release of documents.  Charging for copies prevents wasteful use of resources and helps libraries and schools pay for their printing equipment.

·        Copier Manager 2.0.  This powerful copy manager and counter simplifies the tracking and administration of copies over an entire network or system.  Users can enter a PIN in order to access the copy machine or MFP and administrators can keep track of amounts, issue quotas or even make exceptions for large copy jobs.  This system helps businesses reduce copy costs across the entire organization.

·        Print Watermark / Header / Footer 1.0.  This handy tool prints user names, computer time and date on the header or footer of any document from all applications and users can identify their own documents.

By Industry and Feature


Print Manager Professional 11


Print Control 8.0

Print Manager for Business (Small and Medium Size Business, Corporate, Enterprise) and Government (Local, State, Federal)
Print Manager Solutions for Professional Service Companies (Engineering, Real Estate, Law Architectural....)

Software for Education (K-12, Schools, Colleges, Universities) and Non-Profit
Print Manager for Libraries

Software for Education (K-12, Schools, Colleges, Universities) and Non-Profit
  • Print Counting & Tracking & Accounting
  • Print Control & Quotas & Authentication (by PIN) & Rules
  • Client Billing by Entering Client Code & Project Code & Job Code
  • Charge Back
  • Printer Status Monitor (Toner Low, Out of Paper...)
  • Scan Network to Collect Printer Counter, Ink / Toner Usage, Model, Serial Number and MAC address.
  • Save & Archive & View All Printed Documents
  • Detail Usage Report by User, Deparment and Printer
  • Automated Hold, Manual Release Print Jobs
  • Pay For Printing by Cash-in-Hand Payment, Coins, Cards, Bill or Prepaid
  • Pay for Copying by Coins, Cards, Bill or Prepaid
  • SSecure Printing (by PIN)


Other Solutions

Print Watermark / Header / Footer 1.0 Force a user name, computer name, day, time and page count to appear on footer or header area of printed document from all your applications.