Online Demo - Print Control User Mode with Free Print Quotas


Step 1. In Preferences --> Print Jobs, select either “Free printing for the first ## pages per day per person" or  "Free printing for the first ## pages per term per person".  In Preferences --> User Mode, select "Lock the desktop in user mode" to lock Print Release Station computer in user mode and select "Auto switch to user mode when starting the application" to switch to user mode automatically when Print Release Station starts.

Step 2. In Menu Print Jobs, click "Switch to User Mode". You can switch back to Staff Mode by pressing "Alt" and "a" keys together, then enter the password defined in Preferences --> User Mode.



1. A user sends a print job from a workstation. 

2. Print Control holds the print job with detail print job information. 

3. The user goes to the Print Release Station to release the print job. The job will not be printed out if the user's print quotas is not enough.

Note: If the Master – Slave infrastructure is used, the print job can be listed on both the Master Print Release Station and the Slave Print Release Station and user can use either one to release their print jobs. Check Add a Slave Print Release Station.