Online Demo - Print Control User Mode with Login and Popup Notification


Step 1. In Preferences --> User Mode, select “Allow users to enter user id or computer name to show only their print jobs” and “Show popup notification when a print job is submitted on the workstation”.

Step 2. In Menu Print Jobs, click "Switch to User Mode". You can switch back to Staff Mode by pressing "Alt" and "a" keys together, then enter the password defined in Preferences --> User Mode.


Step 3. Copy "Popup.msi" to the workstation, double click "Popup.msi" to install the popup. The add-on Popup can also be installed silently and remotely using Windows Group Policy.

Step 4. Click Start -> All Programs -> Printer Usage -> Popup to run the popup. Enter the computer name or the IP Address of the computer that has Master Print Release Station - installed.


1. Popup will be started automatically when user login next time.

2. Modify Popup.msi package to include the name or IP address of the computer where you installed Master Print Release Station, so you don't have to enter it manually when you run Print Job Agent the first time on each workstation. Visit Step 1 of Windows Group Policy how to use Orca to modify Popup.msi .



1. A user sends a print job from a workstation.  

2. A popup window appears on the workstation (Windows, Mac OSX / Classic, or Linux client computer) showing the document name, printer name, total  number of pages, and cost. 

If the popup doesn't appear, see FAQ 3.

Note: The users are  allowed to  

(i) change their print job names for the privacy, and (or)

(ii) create a password that they can use to release their print jobs on the print release station, and (or)

(iii) create a user id for their print jobs that they can use to show only their print jobs on the print release station (for some environments that users are allowed to use their own laptops to print or environments that user id is not unique).

The options “Require user to change the document name”,  “Require user to set password for the print job” and "Require user to set user id" can be selected in Preferences --> User Mode.

3. Print Control holds the print job with detail print job information, but the job is not showed on the screen

4. The user goes to the Print Release Station and types the login id or workstation name to show only his / her print job.  

5. The user either releases or deletes the print job. The printing activity is tracked and saved in the database. 

Note: The user needs to enter the password to release or delete the print job if the password on the Popup is enabled in step 2.  

6. The user clicks the exit button to return the login window or the Print Release Statioin can return to login window automatically after 30 seconds of idle time.